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Journey of Ulysses

Musical puppet play

Faithful to the original work "Le Voyage d'Ulysse" features all the characters of this great epic; the cyclops, Circe the witch, the sirens dance and sing the great stages of one of the most famous journeys in all of literature.

The show was invited to the Charleville-Mézières Festival and performed in many places in France, including 48 performances at the Théâtre National de Chaillot. It has toured in Greece (where its world premiere took place), the Netherlands in Algeria, Morocco, Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Indian Ocean, East Africa and New Zealand.


In the press

The world

“Penso elegantly combines Greek tradition and Chinese technique. Nothing orthodox, but pure pleasure.
The show is ... at the usual height of Chaillot's puppets: impeccable, with originalities, mixtures of genres (shadows and puppets, actors and puppets). "


“An hour that flies and delights not easy spectators:
they discover that Ulysses is something other than a bland Japanese soap opera. "


“These are really superb Voyages d'Ulysse which are presented to us ... A completely original music accompanies the whole show. "


“Les Voyages d'Ulysse, according to Homer, opens the season remarkably… Adventures that have nothing to envy to those of Indiana Jones and other modern cowboys. "


“The music, the images, very beautiful as well as the sumptuous costumes, form an exceptional whole which arouses smiles and good humor and which recreates the legend in all its authenticity. "

Al Hamichmar (Tel Aviv)

“The hand puppets are superb and the staging is perfectly successful. "

The Mauritian (Mauritius)

“A truly extraordinary journey ... thanks to these wonderful little puppets. "

Hong-Kong Standard

“The Théâtre du Petit Miroir combines the best elements of Chinese technique and Western puppet theater. "Voyages d'Ulysse" provides a seductive demonstration of this fusion. "

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