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Musical shadow and glove puppet play

From 6 albums by Claude Boujon “Un beau livre”, “Ah! the good soups ”,“ The perched toad ”,“ Tignasse ”,“ La brouille ”and“ The fairy with the long nose ”, the Petit Miroir theater staged a spectacle of shadows and puppets. The characters familiar to children come alive, sing and dance to the sound of original music. The staging respects the sly and tender spirit specific to Claude Boujon. Heroes faced with their wacky fate find something other than what they seek, but they often end up accepting their fate.

Claude Boujon, whose École des Loisirs has published some forty albums, has worked on several occasions with the Théâtre du Petit Miroir for its puppet shows. It was only natural that our theater, after his death in 1995, took over in the studio where he wrote and illustrated all his albums, and transformed it into a small auditorium where the shows for which he made the puppets are regularly presented. His untimely death (he was 65) prevented him from writing an often-mentioned screenplay. It remained to imagine a show taken from his albums.


In the press

Mom, active Magazine

“Puppets and shadow plays in a triptych scenic space give life to wacky characters full of tenderness. "

The Parisian

“The Little Mirror Theater gives children the opportunity to enter the world of one of the leading authors of the École des loisirs collection: Claude Boujon. Contrary to sentimentality, full of poetry, funny, the characters come to life, confronted with their wacky fates. "


“A show that combines the technique of colored Chinese shadows by adding puppets, sets and music.
A curiosity to discover. "

Support Point

“Starting from five stories, Jean-Luc Penso staged a very poetic puppet show, in which the inexhaustible thirst for reading is a common thread. Sculpted in buffalo leather, the puppets reveal magnificent colors and allow for very elaborate movements.
The Chinese shadow manipulation technique is very rich, very dynamic and refined and requires a long learning. "

The @ muse

" Charming. Through the magic of shadow theater, with four hands, these enthusiasts and experts of puppetry manipulate an impressive number of characters, objects and sets, in three different spaces thanks to a triptych castelet. For lovers of Claude Boujon, it will be a pleasure to find these charming characters, for others it will certainly be a great discovery and a desire to get a few albums for evening readings. "

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