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Panic at the Circus

Musical puppet play

The bay lion with crows, the learned dog is neurasthenic, the horse rushes in the shafts and the director is depressed.

A child, brought up by an old healer called in for help, discovers the reason for all these disorders. But what a story! Juggling, acrobatics, humor and songs, all the ingredients of a real circus program come together thanks to the extraordinary virtuosity of the puppets. So the circus yes, but everyone be in agreement. Especially the animals!


In the press


“In a somewhat crazy circus, the characters scramble between big gags and a lot of confusion.
Children love it. "

The Figaroscope

“Moving away from the traditional Asian repertoire, Jean-Luc Penso signs his first puppet show for toddlers. Pure entertainment in the guignol spirit, punctuated by well-felt puns! "

The @ muse

“This small theater specializing in shadow and puppet shows presents real entertainment here.
It's cheerful, colorful and well paced. "

Central New Agency

“JL Penso alternates between Chinese, Taiwanese and French not to mention music, for the children it is an extraordinary journey towards the imagination, they discover French Chinese puppets. "

HAKKA TV Newspaper

“The handling of the puppets is refined and the scenario is charming and alive. children find this France puppet show better than Taiwan puppet shows. This new way, a traditional technique but a show that is not in the routine of traditional presentations manages to attract the attention of children. It is also a possible opening for the traditional arts. "

Epoch Times

“The puppet master presents the show in Chinese and Taiwanese, the lively and captivating scenario is served by a fine manipulation of the puppets… a show without language barriers. "

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