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Chinese shadow puppetry

Our musical Chinese shadow puppet plays


For Renart, the only thing that matters in life is to eat. Perpetually hungry, he spends his time cunning to fill his still empty stomach.


Despite all his efforts to be wise, Lo Zha, the magical child, makes blunders much bigger than him. So the tiger gets a beating, the arrogant Dragon King and his boastful son complain, ghosts get twirled around and the King of the Underworld gets exasperated.


From 6 albums by Claude Boujon “Un beau livre”, “Ah! the good soups ”,“ The perched toad ”,“ Tignasse ”,“ La brouille ”and“ The fairy with the long nose ”, the Petit Miroir theater staged a spectacle of shadows and puppets.


In Maori and Polynesian mythology, Maui is a demigod that is still popular today and a marker of Maori identity.

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