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The Magical Child and the Dragon King

Musical shadow play

Despite all his efforts to be wise, Lo Zha, the magical child, makes blunders much bigger than him. So the tiger gets a beating, the arrogant Dragon King and his boastful son complain, ghosts get twirled around and the Underworld King gets angry. Lo Zha will have to go through many trials before the Jade Emperor himself makes all his true merits recognized.


In the press

Free Midi

“Produced in the pure tradition of Chinese shadow theater, this show was quite simply a delight.
To the wonder of the spectacle of the shadows was added a rare and superb music. "


“Shadows are real works of art reconstructed according to a very ancient Chinese technique:
the buffalo skin finely cut into strips becomes translucent to allow the light to pass through.
Magnificent "

The New Republic

“The talent and technical prowess of [Jean-Luc Penso] captivated and subjugated more than a thousand young people during successive sessions at the Théâtre d'Amboise. "

The new observer

“Jean-Luc Penso uses delicate Chinese shadows to recount in music the adventures of Lozha, the magical child. "

Free Maine

“The passage (from the Théâtre du Petit Miroir) to Changé was the opportunity to discover this Chinese shadow theater in color, in the pure lineage of this art. "

92 Express

“Manipulated and brought to life by the puppeteer, these shadows know how to illuminate the imagination of children, but also of adults. "

The Parisian

“Big crush for“ The Magic Child and the Dragon King ”. Children are suspended on the journeys of Lozha endowed with magical powers and formidable strength. A mesmerizing Chinese shadow show. "

South West

“The children liked it a lot. "

Nice morning

“We must be wary of received ideas. In particular in Chinese shadows! There is no more colorful than these! An enchanted audience, made up of children and adults, discovered it ... at the Museum of Asian Arts ... there was something to be surprised at in front of the white screen on which paraded pieces of dreams. Of course, the adults weren't the last to marvel. "


“Change of scenery guaranteed for this shadow show in the purest Chinese tradition. Adventures, twists and turns, tricks and mockery from a mythological tale, told and directed by a master of the genre, Jean-Luc Penso. A delight. "

Macau Daily News

“A Frenchman brings back all the magic of Chinese theater. The bodies of the characters, their hands and feet are alive and very skilled, their shapes are beautiful ...
Music, lights and sets add to the success of the show. "

Novaya Gazeta

Jean-Luc Penso is an absolute man-theater. Looking at him from behind the scenes, we see him every second unhook his small, colored and translucent buffalo skin figurines from their metal support, shake them on the white screen, press invisible buttons while dancing. "

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