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Fox Story

Musical shadow play

For Renart, the only thing that matters in life is to eat. Perpetually hungry, he spends his time cunning to fill his still empty stomach. But not content with joyfully looting pantries and henhouses, he attacks with humor, but also cruelty, all those, men and animals, he finds in his path. He does not hesitate to attack stronger than himself and, from the Wolf to the Bear, from the Peasants to the Monks, all are rolled in flour, leaving feathers there.

Another shadow show, Le Roman de Renart is of purely French inspiration. The shadows and puppets used in the show were created by French artist Michelle Zahorska. The music is also due to a French composer, Bernard Chèze, but the link between the Théâtre du Petit Miroir and the Chinese world is maintained. It is indeed a co-production (produced with the support of the Association Française d 'Action Artistique) between the Théâtre du Petit Miroir and the Taiwanese Company Yi Wan Jan. Since its creation in Bangkok in 1993, Le Roman de Renart has toured in France (it was notably invited to the Charleville-Mèzières Festival in 1994). Abroad, it has already been hosted in French cultural establishments and local theaters in Asia, Australia, Italy, the Middle East (Gulf countries and Egypt), the Indian Ocean (Reunion Island, Madagascar, Comoros), Hawaii, New Zealand and the islands of the South Pacific and Central Europe.

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In the press

The Figaroscope

“This show went around the world. Ask (on our part) the director and manipulator Jean-Luc Penso to open his travel diary to you at the end of the performance, you will see that with simple puppets we can go very far. "


“Children love it… A show imbued with humor and gaiety. "


“The medieval tale regains its original lightness, that of biting and funny satire. A lively, mocking show, faithful over the centuries, but playing with today's codes with humor. "

The world

“The show is a delight, a treat for the eye.
Behind the screen, manipulating the shadows, running on all sides, there are two real actors, playing their characters fully, introducing here and there a quirky note
(a rock tune, a bit of rap, a few words in verlan).
It is advisable to run there. "

Info Côte d'Or

“What enchantments! "

The Hindu

“Melodious music, constantly changing lights, colors and decorations, all combine to create a magical world of fantasy. "

The Star

“A magical evening with puppets. "

Min Sheng Bao

“Many spectators recognized that this is the best shadow show they have ever seen, the stage space is constantly changing and the light effects are very beautiful. "

Hong Kong Economic Journal

“We expect more chinoiserie produced by Europeans, but after seeing the show, we can only bow our hats off. "


“The Théâtre du Petit Miroir never forgets its primary qualities: fantasy, excess, extraordinary freedom and, ultimately, freshness. "

Inlay Magnet

“An extremely simple and ultra sophisticated show. An evening of enchantment. "

Merimbula News Weekly

“Renart's independent and courageous spirit enchanted the audience, captivated by the humor, refinement and intelligence of the show. "

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