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The Legend of the White Snake

Musical puppet play

Love, impossible between a goddess and a mortal, told in The Legend of the White Serpent, one of the most popular Chinese legends.


In the press

Muchen Dagblad's Journal

"A Serpent was hovering on the stage - Chinese puppets

Enchanted by demons and Chinese gods, the theater makes its puppets dance and takes visitors to another world.

Mysteriously, the colorful Chinese opera dolls float the white snake on the small stage, carried by an equally mysterious unknown music.

It is the story of tragic love - between a Chinese scholar and a white snake, which against the rules of the gods turned into a pretty young girl. The story transports the viewer to an exotic and wonderful world, but a world familiar to the two puppeteers who have worked for 5 years on the Far Eastern art of puppet theater with master Li Tian Lu. ”

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